How to Incorporate Wedding Sparklers into your Wedding Reception

There are many different ways to incorporate sparklers into your big day. From centerpieces to favors, pictures to your send off-sparklers will be an elegant addition to your big day.


Classic or modern, rustic or whimsical.  Place your sparklers at the center of each table using vases of your choice.  Keep it simple or add flowers, beads or lanterns to compliment the sparklers. Check out your local dollar store or craft store for some low cost glass vases.  Place a sign on each table instructing your guests what the sparklers are intended for.  Are they to be taken home or are you lighting them that night at a specific time as a group?


Everyone loves sparklers.  Consider giving them out as favors.  You can instruct guests to take the sparklers from your centerpieces or you can individually wrap a few sparklers using a card holder to thank your guests for sharing in your special day.


Make your pictures unique by adding sparklers. Make it fun by having your bridal party spell words with the sparklers or have them surround you,  creating a beautiful glow.  You can also keep it intimate.
The happy couple can light the sparklers in different poses that highlight the romantic day.

Wedding Cake

Use sparklers to make your cake spectacular. Place a few wedding cake sparklers (also known as big birthday cake sparklers, bottle sparklers or dessert sparklers) on the side of your cake and your guests will be talking for days.

Send off

The most popular  and beautiful way to incorporate sparklers into your wedding is with the send off.  End your night in a spectacular fashion.  Ask your guest to form two lines.  Have them light the sparklers and have them hold them out as you make your way out of your fairy tale wedding. Be sure to have signs either at the entrance way of your reception or on each table letting your guests know what time your send will take place.  You can also have the D.J or band make an announcement when the time to meet for the send off is approaching.