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2pc Blue Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb-AFW0283-2

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  • SKU: SK-GR-Blue-2pc
  • Type: Smoke Bomb
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Order your2 pack Blue Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb for your next gender reveal party or birthday celebration!

  • Blue Smoke Bomb emits a vivid blue color of dense smoke
  • This party smoke bomb can last up to 30 seconds
  • Perfect for gender reveal parties, birthday parties, and more
  • Make sure you place the smoke bomb on a flat surface before lighting it
  • To make sure it's a surprise, the packaging is not labeled. To know that it is blue smoke look for the part number on the back of the packaging-AFW0283-2

Announce the arrival of a baby boy at your next gender reveal party with our Blue Smoke Bomb. This fun smoke bomb will emit a vivid blue color when lit, giving you up to 40 seconds to take photos and bask in the special moment. You can also use this smoke bomb at your next birthday party, graduation party, or anniversary party. Before you light the smoke bomb, make sure it is placed on a flat surface, and never hold it in your hand after lighting it.

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Each stick produces a vivid Blue color of dense smoke that lasts 30 seconds.

**All smoke products should be placed on a flat surface before being lit. Smoke Bombs should not be held in your hand after being lit.**